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Charter Airlines

Enjoy the privacy and convenience of arriving in airports much closer to your final destination and depart on your own schedule. No delays or cancellations that may cause additional travel expenses or overpriced last minute ticket purchases.

Travel privately up to groups of 9 of your own party, faster, in privacy and luxurious comfort. Most of our jets are equipped with WiFi for your convenience and will service over hundreds of airports in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

When you fly with Charter Airlines you enjoy the complete privacy of our own hangar. No more waiting in line to take off your shoes to be scanned or be padded by security personnel.

Our waiting room is equipped with all the amenities to make this time enjoyable. Have a cup of our gourmet coffee, check your emails using our free WiFi, or watch the latest stock market news on our satellite tv.

Charter Airlines has conveniently located jets in Las Vegas, Nevada and Fort Lauderdale, Florida to offer you the freedom, comfort and flexibility that no commercial airline can match, whether for business, pleasure, or medical reasons, we provide you a safe, cost-effective alternative in a moment’s notice. Just call us and let us take care of the details.

We also offer air ambulance services, to travel for medical reasons, with a medical team that is already traveling with you as well as transporting organs and its team. Always communicate with us all your specific needs to better serve you.

Our safety is of utmost importance, Charter Airlines has a proven safety record: we have operated aircrafts for over 44 years and over 20,000 hours without any incidents, accidents, or flight violations.

We hold the longest and oldest operation out of Las Vegas, NV.

To reserve or inquire about Charter Airlines services, please call our toll free number: (954) 306-3478, or email us: at any time.

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